• Escape Card Game - Challenging Solitaire Type Card Game created by Andrew Lipsky



  This card game is "Escape", a brand-new and entirely original form of Solitaire. Forget what you think you know. Unlike the versions of Solitaire everyone has already played, "Escape" presents an elegant little system for you to master, a game governed by logic, deduction, and foresight. You are tasked with solving a puzzle, cultivating a solution step by step, managing several variables at once, in a game governed by elementary math principles which creates something exciting and challenging.

  Much of the game involves manipulating the board of cards, moving cards around to better your position, serve your advantage, create opportunities, always while negotiating the odds of cards appearing that have not yet surfaced. Like chess, some moves require deep thinking and the need to reason several steps ahead.

  Some games, due to the randomness of the shuffle and deal, produce game play more akin to solving intricate brainteasers than the humdrum affair we commonly identify as Solitaire.

  Just when the pressure is building and opportunities, once boundless, narrow to pinpoints and the walls are closing in around you, you find your way out, escaping by the skin of your teeth. I am so glad you're along for the ride. I know you're up to the challenge.

Kindest wishes,
"Escape" creator, Andrew Lipsky